This runner can be used as Champagne or Gold. Timeless and Spectacular, this will definately be the WOW factor of your Ceremony!



Gleaming Silver


As you can see, this runner looks like pure diamonds! Imagine how you and your wedding party will stand out compared to the traditional white runner.

Diamond Encrusted Aisle Runner


This is yet ANOTHER Original by The Wedding Agent.  


From start to finish, this aisle runner is gleaming with sparkle! Timeless and durable, this is on a heavy non-slip fabric.  The Glitter is heat transfered and will not fall off!


This item is FULL SERVICE!  Since the runner is a high quality material, it is very heavy.  Our design team will roll this out and station it off until you make your entrance.  This is not for all guests to walk up, just the wedding party!  We will also remove the item after the Ceremony.


Available in Champagne/Gold, SIlver and Blush.  


This is a HIGH DEMAND item, please call 716-877-7123 to check availibility.